All My Sons


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By Arthur Miller

Directed by Christopher Brown

The Highwood Theatre Would Like To Extend A Special Thanks To Those Who Have Contributed More Than $100 Since August 2013

Victoria Sova

Christopher Brown


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Rachel Sparks

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Applications for our2017-2018 Student Directing Fellowship are COMING SOON! The program gives a small number of students each year the opportunity to propose, plan, and direct a production within Highwood’s Students’ Theatre. Learn what it takes to be a successful director in a professional, collaborative environment. 

Take a peek into the world of the Kellers and Deevers:

Asa Kineitz-Kincade (Joe Keller) is an 11th grader at Sandy Spring Friends School. This is his fifth Highwood production, having previously appeared as Big Willy in The Musical of Musicals, Jimmy Winters in Nice Work If You Can Get It, and Paul/David/Larry in Company. Outside of Highwood he has also performed as the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors at Sandy Spring and The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. He enjoys playing the ukulele and madden in his spare time. An interesting fact about Asa is that he can name every London Underground station. "We The People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings...".

Victoria Sova (Kate Keller) is an 11th grader at Marshall High School. This is her first Highwood production. Outside of Highwood she has played Juliet in the Sterling Playmakers' Great Stage of Fools, Anne Frank in Kilmer Middle School's The Diary of Anne Frank, and Mommy in Marshall High School's The Sandbox.  She enjoys creating art and reading in her free time. An interesting fact about Victoria is that she is a vegetarian and an animal rights activist. "There are certain people you know the sicker they got the longer they live."

Alex Heywood (Chris Keller) is in 8th grade at Eastern Middle School. This is his second Highwood production, having previously appeared as George in Sunday in the Park with George. Outside of Highwood, he has played Creon in Antigone at The Roundhouse Theatre's Young Artist's Program, IQ in Hairspray at EMS, and the Stage Manager in Our Town at EMS. He also enjoys drawing an acting. One interesting fact about Alex is that he used to have purple hair but now he doesn't. "Rock on!"

Sydney Acuff (Sue Bayliss/Lydia Lubey) is a 9th grader at Montgomery Blair High School. This is her fourth Highwood production, having previously appeared as the Pearl Lady in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Fraulein Schneider/Mrs. Watson Courtneidge in I Am a Camera, and Frenchie in Cabaret. Outside of Highwood she is a girl scout, mentors at Artstream, and has watched Pulp Fiction. She enjoys drawing and watching Pulp Fiction. An interesting fact about Sydney is that she has never lived on a farm. "Yes."

Danny Fitz Tran Ho (Dr. Jim Bayliss) is an 8th grader at Loiederman Middle School. This is his third Highwood production, having previously appeared as Walter in A Night In the Theatre and Grasshopper in James and the Giant Peach. He has also performed at a Highwood Fine Arts Night, playing the ukulele and singing and original song, as well as at the The Kennedy Center's Millennial Stage. Outside of Highwood he enjoys performing with his acapella group, Hall Pass, and likes to write original songs on his ukulele, sing a lot, and write his own plays, musicals, or stories. An interesting fact about Danny is that he is a detective by night. "Stronger Together."

Arthur Miller’s tense drama of post-war American greed and the deception of the American dream, All My Sons looks at the grief and corruption of the Keller family. The Kellers by all accounts resemble the perfect family: Joe is a successful businessman, his son Chris is a war hero; but their relationships are held together by lies, which progressively unravel along with the truth. ​

All My Sons is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.



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Asa Kienitz-Kincade

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Joe Keller: Asa Kienitz-Kincade
Kate Keller: Victoria Sova
Chris Keller: Alex Heywood
Sue Bayliss/Lydia Lubey: Sydney Acuff
Dr. Jim Bayliss: Danny Fitz Tran Ho
Frank Lubey: Angel Soriano
George Deever: Hellen De Oliveira
Ann Deever: Rachel Sparks
Bert: Alexander DeSimone


The Highwood Theatre wishes to extend a very special thanks to the following people who have contributed extra time and energy to this production:
Christopher Brown, Toly Yarup, Matthew Nicola, Kevin Kearney, Shannon Cole, Ryan Salomon, Jason Reid, Montgomery College, Wendy Brown,

Tip Letsche, Emily Long, Erika Sparks, Ellie Orzulak, Rosie Orzulak

A special shout out to our neighbors in the Atrium Building for their support!


Photography and video/audio recording is strictly prohibited.
© The Highwood Theatre Inc., February 2017

Hello, and thank you for coming to see The Highwood Theatre's third and final Directing Fellowship production of season, Arthur Miller's All My Sons. With this show we set out to turn the powerful script into an immersive and intimate production, staged in the round. We’ve accomplished this task with a fantastic cast of eight student actors (aged 13-17, and one eight-year-old) from all over the DC Metro Area, as well as a student design team. To see this through, we strived for naturalism and realism in all areas of production: acting, set design, sound design, and lighting design. For instance, we’ve elected to use single source lighting, as the show takes place outdoors, as well as real trees, branches, rocks, and crickets (contained, of course!) that will fully immerse audience members in the action of the play and plant them right into the backyard of the Keller family. 

I can’t express how much of a privilege it has been to work with this cast. Everyone has worked so hard and dedicated so much of themselves to making this a reality, and each has seen such great results. Now after months of rehearsals it’s finally coming to fruition. We're excited to invite you into the world of Arthur Miller and cannot wait to see you at the performances!

Christopher Brown

Angel Soriano (Frank Lubey) is an 8th grader at Loiederman Middle School. This is his second Highwood production, having previously appeared as Ladahlord in James and the Giant Peach. Outside of Highwood he's met and worked with award winning singers and acapella groups, become a member of the Barber Shop Harmony Society Organization, and was accepted into the County's Middle School Honors Chorus. He enjoys listening to music and singing acapella. An interesting fact about Angel is that he is a vocal percussionist, singer, and instrumentalist. "Enjoy the show!"

Hellen De Oliveira (George Deever) is an eighth grader at Loiederman Middle School. This is her second Highwood production, having previously served as the Dance Captain for James and the Giant Peach. Outside of Highwood she has also performed as a Police Officer in Loiederman's production of Pirates of Penzance and in Loiederman's Sr. Dance Company/Advanced Dance program. She enjoys acting and dancing. An interesting fact about Hellen is that this is her third musical. "Practice makes permanent habits!"

Rachel Sparks (Ann Deever) 
is a homeschooled student and is in 8th grade. This is her fifteenth Highwood production, having previously appeared as Dot/Marie in Sunday in the Park with George, Fraulein Schneider in Cabaret, and Amy/Sarah in Company among other credits. In her free time she draws too much and cries over fictional characters. An interesting fact about Rachel is that she has too many hoodies. "Look he's blushing!"

Alexander DeSimone (Bert) is a homeschooled student and is in 3rd grade. This is his first Highwood production. Outside of Highwood he enjoys performing improv, eating, and playing legos. One interesting fact about him is that he plays baseball. "OK!"


Angel Soriano


​Director: Christopher Brown
Costume Design: Tip Letsche
Set Design: Toly Yarup and Kevin Kearney
Lighting Design: Simon Ellerbe
Prop Design: Jason Reid
Technical Director: Ryan Salomon
Tech Crew: Simon Ellerbe, Owen Gibson, Carmen Stuart, Maulani Tucker, Jonah Witte

Director's Note

The Students' Theatre at The Highwood Theatre presents:

Tech Crew Intensive (4th - 12th Grade)

Get hands-on experience learning how to create the magic behind the scenes!