Friday, April 6, 2018
The Basement Gang
Dad Joke
Fancy Salad

Friday, April 13, 2018
Sound & Motion
The Female Accent

Friday, April 20, 2018
Door #3
The Lodge
​The High-Fivers

Improv Comedy

Winter 2018 Improv Comedy Nights

Friday, January 12
Ur Mom's Address
Carlic Huynh
Fancy Salad
The Improv Imps

Friday, January 19
Door #3
CommuniKate: Artalive!
The Basement Gang
Kiki Andersen

Friday, January 26
Please and Thank You
Pizza Party
Reflex Improv Reston
Kara Kinsey

Friday, February 2
The Penthouse Basements
Where's My Ukulele?
Becca Lundberg

Friday, February 9
Door #3
Bed, Bath & Beyonce
Reflex Improv Rockville
Jesse Robinson

Friday, February 23
Blood Pact
Conversion Therapy
Power Lunch

Friday, March 2
Home Improv Mints
Ladies and Company
Stacey Axler

Friday, March 9
Billy Kowalski's Brother
The Penthouse Basements
The Quitters
Fat American Vampires

Friday, March 16
Door #3
Bottom Shelf
The Carmichaels

Friday, March 23
Latinx States of America
The Improv Imps

Join us almost every Friday at 8pm at The Highwood Theatre Silver Spring for a night of spontaneous comedy to be seen for the very first and very last time!  #silverspringlaughs​​


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