Kadria Sadr

Cast Bios:

: Kelsey Murphy

Vocal Coach: Allie O'Donnell 

Costume Design: Tip Letsche and Erika Sparks

Set Design: Home School Production Company

Lighting Design: Simon Ellerbe

Sound Design: Orion Stekoll

Light and Sound Board Operator: Simon Ellerbe

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Rachel Sparks

Olivia Gilette (Riley)  is a 6th grade homeschool student. This is her first show at Highwood! She has previously performed in Macbeth and the Tempest and rock climbs. She likes to sing and act. An interesting fact about her is that she likes to pull pranks on people. “I hope you are all cats!”


Kadria Sadr (Allyson) is a 5th grade homeschool student. This is her first show at Highwood! She likes to sing and do funny random dances. An interesting fact about her is that she likes to draw clothing. “Chocolate is delicious!”


The Highwood Theatre wishes to extend a very special thanks to the following people who have contributed extra time and energy to this production:
Toly Yarup, Matthew Nicola, Sarah Scott, Orion Stekoll, Kelsey Murphy,  Montgomery College, 

Erika Sparks, Tip Letsche, James Kearney

A special shout out to our neighbor, Roadhouse Oldies, for their support!


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© The Highwood Theatre Inc., April, 2016

Petrina Stiemel

Students' Theatre at The Highwood Theatre presents:

April 22 - April 23, 2016

Written and Performed by Highwood's Home School Production Company

Directed by Kelsey Murphy

The Home School Production Company

Anonymous (6)
The Adelfio Family
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Linda Cartwright and John Dineen
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Susanne and Richard Leach
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Rochelle and Eric Mayer

Abby Humphrey

Olivia Gillette

Petrina Steimel (Jillian) is a 4th grade homeschool student. This is her first show at HIghwood! She plays piano, can write in Latin and speaks ____ languages. She likes to sleep and read. An interesting fact about her is that she likes___  flavored jelly beans. “People should live on corn bread and baked beans”

Director's Note

The Highwood Theatre Would Like To Extend A Special Thanks To Those Who Have Contributed More Than $100 Since August 2013

Chloe Farber



​The Highwood Theatre depends on you to help us expand our participant base and our programs.  We really appreciate everything that you do!​

Rachel Sparks (Willow) is a 7th grade homeschool student. This is her eleventh show at Highwood. She was previously seen as Fraulein Schneider in ‘67 Cabaret,  Amy/Sarah in Company, and Prudy in Hairspray. She has done May Revels with Washington Revels, played 2nd witch in Macbeth and was Lucy in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. She likes to dance and act. An interesting fact about her is that she loves potatoes too much. “I have an unhealthy obsession with anime.”

When this class began in the fall, two things were clear on day one: one, these students had an affinity for creating characters and improvisation, and two, they had a natural and instant connection with each other. We wanted to use these elements to our advantage as we created our play.

And Behold! Lights, Frenemies, Action was born. A tale of friendship between colorful characters as they fight, prank each other, and audition for the roles of a lifetime. The task was difficult but these girls rose to the challenge of creating an original work of theatre. Everything you will see tonight, from the script to the set to the costumes, was created from their ideas and creativity. I cannot thank the students, staff and parents enough for all their hard work and talents that went into this production. 
Now, sit back and laugh out loud as these hijinks unfold. Enjoy the show!



(in alphabetical order)

Stevie: Chloe Farber

Riley: Olivia Gillette

Mykie: Abby Humphrey

Allyson: Kadria Sadr

Willow: Rachel Sparks

Jillian: Petrina Steimel

Pierre: Toly Yarup

Abby Humphrey (Mykie) is a 6th grade homeschool student at Collier Academy. This is her first show at Highwood! She does pottery, rock climbs and does cheerleading for four years. She likes to pet cats and play with friends online. An interesting fact about her is that she is actually a chair. “This may be funny. Or not.”

Chloe Farber (Stevie) is a 5th grade homeschool student. This is her fifth show at Highwood, having previously been seen as Benedick in Much Ado about Nothing, Beatrice in Owls, and Sally in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. She writes a newspaper for her neighborhood, The Downtown News. She also does kung fu and plays drums. She likes to play lacrosse and make art. “I hope you like my part!”

Lights, Frenemies, Action

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Robert N. Alfandre Foundation
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Doris Kearney in memory of Col. W. M. Kearney
Wittie, Letsche, & Waldo LLP

United Way of the National Capital Region
Kevin Kearney
Production Sponsor
Karla Letsche
James Kearney
Dave Weadon
The William and Karen Tell Foundation

Season Sponsor
S. Kann Sons Company Foundation
The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County

Don't miss the show that all the tabloids are talking about! This brand new play tells the story of movie star best friends vying for the lead roles in the next big franchise. Their friendship is put to the test through pranks, hijinks and killer dance moves as they compete against each other. Will they be able to put their friendship above all or will their ambition make them frenemies for life?