We are thrilled to announce a distinctive production taking place from July 10th -19th in our very own Silver Spring community. Building on the great success of last year’s Open Source Theatre Project, The Highwood Theatre will produce Only Human: Finding Unity through Diversity, its second annual Open Source Theatre Project and tap into both the diversity and solidarity of friends, neighbors, and strangers.

The event will focus on art – a medium that transcends racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, gender, and other human differences. The evening will consist of performances by several local artists and performance groups from the community, covering a variety of different genres – from dance and music, to improvisation, visual art, and film – creating an atmosphere more like a festival than a traditional theatre production.

The audience, divided into groups, will rotate through several different performing venues, allowing them to engage with one another between performances, reflect on the pieces they’ve seen, and create their own visual art based on their thoughts and reactions. Over the course of the evening, the audience will become a more cohesive community, learning about themselves and each other as they express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through their own forms of art.

The overarching theme of all the individual performances is Only Human: Finding Unity through Diversity and is inspired by our season theme “The Human Network – Exploring our Stories, Emotions and Connections to One Another.” Each performing group in the Open Source Project is using this title as a springboard to explore the idea that: regardless of race, religion, social status, sexual orientation or gender, we are all equally human and equally significant.


ere's the full Open Source line-up.  Each show is different - tickets are only $20 and you get 15% off for attending multiple performances (that means you can come to all three shows for just $54).  This is only event in town where you get to watch AND create art - don't miss it!

Friday, July 10 at 7:30 PM
Featuring Highwood Student Director Dylan Kaufman performing classic Broadway songs

Improv Imps, a hilarious local improv troupe;

art films by Kylie Murphy

and a critically acclaimed MUSICAL improv troupe, Door #3

Sunday, July 19 at 2:00 PM
Featuring The L'Tanya Mari’ Quartet presenting Jazzaret:  Bill Evans’ Trio“Sunday at Village Vanguard" 

Highwood Staff Members Matthew Nicola and Kevin Kearney performing Carousels and Cabarets, a selection of the best piano Carousel Waltzes and best musical theatre Cabaret songs;

stand-up comedian Donnie Sengstack;

and dance troupe Urban Artistry

All performances also welcome painter Brian Coyne creating amazing art during the actual performance.

Interested in supporting the Open Source Theatre Project? Visit our Support Page to learn about how to make a tax-deductible donation to The Highwood Theatre. For businesses that would like to become an Event Sponsor, email support@thehighwoodtheatre.org.

Only Human: Finding Unity Through Diversity