We Value...

The Highwood Theatre’s vision is to create a community in which theatre is produced for you, with you, and driven by you. The Highwood Theatre seeks to give anyone opportunities to experience, enjoy, and participate in theatre through its productions, administration, and development. The Highwood Theatre will continually strive to involve more people in more ways, and work for the development of theatre as a sustainable, collaborative art.

The Highwood Theatre will provide you with the opportunity to create theatre collaboratively in a professional environment. You, as a valued member of the community, will explore and contribute to the many facets of the production process, arts programs and theatrical organization. We believe that anyone can do theatre. 

Our Mission and Vision


  • Building community through theatre
  • Everyone as members of an ensemble made up of the production cast, crew, band, design team, and leadership
  • Social time built into programs to allow friendships to form offstage, benefiting performances onstage
  • Artists supporting their peers as a critical piece of the team effort


  • Community members participating in many aspects of the theatrical process and organization
  • Designing our own lights and sound, and building our own sets, props, and costumes allowing everyone to take ownership of the process and production
  • Involving you at all levels of the organization, gaining exposure to the entire process of creating art
  • Where everyone takes the process seriously working toward a professional result


  • People of different ages working together exploring, learning, and collaborating
  • Intimate, flexible performance spaces allowing for the most creativity
  • Everyone’s contributions are valued

Anyone can do theatre​