A list of our partner schools and the type of programs we have run at each.

Performances/Production Assistance

Information about how The Highwood Theatre can enhance your school's theatre productions, or run your first school performance!      

Workshops and Classes

Information about theatre/performing arts related workshops and classes Highwood can bring to your school.


Highwood at School


Testimonials and Why Highwood

Hear from teachers, students, and parents from some of Highwood's school sites, and learn about how Highwood can benefit your school.

Highwood at School brings high-quality, educational theatre experiences to area schools that do not have their own theatre arts programs, or wish to supplement what they currently offer.

Highwood at School students:

  • Learn to take risks and expand their comfort zones
  • ​Gain confidence through fun theatre-related activities and classes
  • Develop interpersonal and life skills
  • Learn to collaborate and grow as a team
  • Enrich their understanding of other curricular subjects
  • Expand their tools for learning
  • Practice crucial 21st Century skills

The hallmark of the Highwood at School Program is flexibility.  The Highwood team strives to provide the best theatre-related program and experience for each individual school and its students. We work closely with teachers and administrators to design a customized program that builds upon, or coordinates with, ongoing or planned classes, activities or projects, and that fits students’ interests and each school’s unique requirements.  Contact us at to learn more!

Technical Theatre Design/Support

Read about how we can bring your lighting, sound, set or props to the next level.

Field Trips

Information about Highwood's interactive field trips at our downtown Silver Spring location.


Information about Highwood's unique theatre/fitness program, guaranteed to get every kid moving in a fun environment.