Our 2015-2016 Season

The Requiem

The Long Way Around



Cabaret '67

Cabaret '98

Lights, Frenemies, Action

I Am A Camera

You Can't Take It With You

A Night In The Theatre

Musical of Musicals

Sunday in the Park With George

The Highwood Theatre was founded in 2004 by Kevin Kearney as a student theatre organization based on the principle that "anyone can do theatre."  During his middle and high school years, Kevin noticed the widening gap between theatre opportunities in schools and the broader interests of students.  The Highwood Theatre was, and continues to be, an accessible venue for all students to participate in productions in the way that works best for them.  Starting out in the basement of Kevin’s parents’ home, The Highwood Theatre's first production, in June 2004, featured three participants and a very small audience.  The Highwood Theatre quickly gained recognition and a following at various schools in the Washington, DC area, and the level of student involvement, number of participants, and the sophistication of each production grew.  

In 2011, The Highwood Theatre incorporated as a non-profit organization and moved out of its basement home.  Over the years, The Highwood Theatre has welcomed hundreds of students from dozens of schools in the area.  In Spring 2013, The Highwood Theatre celebrated its 10th Anniversary Season with an incredible Gala, featuring student performances, elaborate catering, and great friends. 

In Fall 2013, The Highwood Theatre embarked on an exciting expansion in an effort to involve more people in more ways to further the development of theatre in the community.  The Organization relocated to downtown Silver Spring and introduced two new branches - Your Theatre and Highwood at School, to complement it's successful Students' Theatre.  Now moving into it's 14th Season (beginning in Fall 2016), The Highwood Theatre is always planning and considering new ways to create a thriving artistic community and unite people of all ages and backgrounds through the performing arts.

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