Watch this compilation of video testimonials from our Highwood at School partners to hear about their experiences!

Testimonials from Teachers, Administrators, and Students

"My experience with Highwood was absolutely amazing. I laughed so much and made great new friends." - H@S Student

"I used to be really shy and have anxiety, but doing theatre has made me talk more. I really love it, and I do it all the time and I don't plan on ever stopping." - H@S Student

"Everyone should give theatre a try. Not everyone's going to get hooked on it, but for me, it changed my life. Everyone should try it at some point, because it could change your life, too. Who knows?" - H@S Student

“Highwood provided a fantastic experience for our students.” - Teacher from H@S Partner School

“I really enjoyed having the Highwood Theatre come out to our school. They were very enthusiastic upon meeting. They were able to quickly grab the attention of our students, which is no easy task. They performed three separate groups for our school: one middle school group and two high school groups. Each performer had their own way of conducting their group that seemed to just work. Our students were able to laugh, dance, and perform multiple different scenarios. We greatly look forward to our next visit.” - Administrator from H@S Partner School

“The Highwood Teaching Artists are able to engage even the most difficult students with a fun, supportive environment.” -  Teacher from H@S Partner School

"Our Highwood teacher is always really happy, really outgoing and so supportive! I've had a blast!" - H@S Student

“When Highwood Theatre reached out to us last summer, I had no idea how essential our partnership would be this year.  Working with Highwood Theatre has been an incredible experience for both me and my students.  The staff at Highwood are professional, reliable, and most importantly driven to help Loiederman enrich the arts program for our students.  Often teaching theatre can be an isolating endeavor.  I cannot stress how grateful I am to have such a creative group of artists at my disposal.  Whether it is for my classroom or afterschool program, Highwood is there to offer me help and support.  I call them my guardian angels.”  - Teacher from H@S Partner School

"I saw students who've never participated in class, up onstage doing improv." - Teacher from H@S Partner School

"It's a lot of fun, there's always something to do. You're never just sitting around." - H@S Student

“It was an unbelievable pleasure partnering with The Highwood Theatre for our school’s musical this past winter.  The Director/Choreographer they selected was a perfect fit for our needs, the tech and stage equipment they provided converted our gym into a theatre, and the tech crew were top rate professionals and so easy to work with.  I would recommend Highwood to any other school looking for top notch theatre services and we are looking forward to collaborating with them again next year!” - Administrator from H@S Partner School

"I'm so glad I had the chance to learn about theatre. I'm even thinking about becoming an actor." - H@S Student

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