“What I love about Highwood is that they don't dumb things down, or do 'cutesy' theater - they will allow each child to rise to the level of their ability, and give them a nudge to go that little bit further. I've seen many kids bloom there (including my own child), into confident, capable collaborators, bringing a work of theater to life.” - Highwood Parent

“My son rediscovered confidence and self-esteem.  He learned what it means to be part of a team and have fun . . .  You helped him make new friends.”

 - Highwood Parent

"Whether it's behind the scenes or on the stage, Highwood gives kids a chance to excel in skills they didn't even know they had!" - Highwood Parent

“I have seen tremendous growth in my daughter’s confidence, poise, social skills and willingness to take risks since she started at Highwood.  She went from being completely unwilling to sing in public to taking on lead roles in musicals, and now is a serious voice student.  She has really found a home in theater, which will serve her well regardless of the profession she ends up pursuing.” - Highwood Parent

“Highwood makes an enormous positive contribution to lives of many area teenagers who, for a variety of reasons, might have difficulty 'fitting in' elsewhere.” 

- Highwood Parent

“I've been wanting to let you know how grateful I am, and will always be, for everything you did for all three of our kids, and the amazing opportunities you gave them.  I'm very aware that for all three of them, their experiences at Highwood were life-altering . . . ”

- Highwood Parent

The Students' Theatre

"This production was my first experience at Highwood, and I loved it! I'm definitely coming back to do more shows!"

- Students' Theatre Actor

"Highwood's thing is student-led programs, and they actually are! The kids have a lot of input on the shows, and I really like that."  - Students' Theatre Actor

“At Highwood, there is a sense of camaraderie between the cast members that made it so every rehearsal was fun and lively.”  - Students' Theatre Actor

"I loved being backstage.  There was always a hushed excitement...  But going on stage, of course, is what it's all about.  With all lights and eyes on YOU, you feel the pressure to do something interesting and worthwhile, which is a pretty good lesson for life." - Students’ Theatre Actor

“At Highwood you get to know new people and learn things about them. It’s almost like a family!”   - Students' Theatre Actor

“Highwood continues to provide a challenging but friendly learning space. Giving the students the utmost trust and responsibility, Highwood encourages them to make discoveries about themselves and theatre, while also letting the actors explore many different and beautiful roles.”

- Students’ Theatre Alumna

"I feel like my inner self is more free here, and I can truly be myself without being judged." - Students' Theatre Actor

"Participating in a Highwood production has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I not only became confident and strong, but I became part of a family."  - Students' Theatre Actor

​​"I used to be really shy and have anxiety, but doing theatre has made me talk more. I really love it, and I do it all the time and I don't plan on ever stopping." - Students' Theatre Actor

"Everyone should give theatre a try. Not everyone's going to get hooked on it, but for me, it changed my life. Everyone should try it at some point, because it could change your life, too. Who knows?" - Students' Theatre Actor

“Highwood never fails to put a smile on my face, and I cannot thank the theatre enough for such an amazing opportunity.  Highwood is a fun and life-changing experience that I would recommend to everyone."  - Students' Theatre Alumna

“Highwood is a fun and life-changing experience that I would recommend to every kid." - Students' Theatre Actor