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Dear Friends,

Over the past four years, the Highwood at School program at The Highwood Theatre has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality, affordable theatre and arts programs to dozens of local public and private schools, customized to fit each individual school’s needs.  From one time workshops, ongoing classes, and production assistance, to our TheatreFIT curriculum, we are a one-stop shop anytime a school needs an extra set of hands or enrichment programs for their arts programs.  

In 2015, we expanded our offerings to include full service technical theatre assistance and rentals.  From lighting and sound design, to set construction, technical implementation, and props, we are working to bring local schools’ theatre productions to the next level.

Met with a tremendous response, the need is there.  Technical theatre is often the one part of a school theatre program that gets overshadowed, mainly because theatre tech is expensive and requires special expertise.  Working within schools for the past four years, we’ve noticed a strong desire to improve technical theatre capacity and increase the level of production.

Our goal is to establish a full inventory of equipment and expertise to provide schools within their budget - sometimes that simply means prices well below for-profit competitors, and sometimes that means offering services for free.  We believe every school deserves to have a theatre program and produce quality productions, and technical theatre should be a part of that.

By supporting the technical assistance program, you are not only helping dozens of public and private schools and their students - who will learn crucial life skills, such as responsibility, collaboration, and problem-solving; you’re also supporting Highwood’s student technicians who work alongside our seasoned professionals to implement each school’s request.

In just the past year since we’ve launched this program, we have received an overwhelming response - from simple lighting requests, to set construction, and even creating a fully equipped lighting and sound system in a school gym.  We expect the requests for assistance to continue to grow and need to build our inventory of supplies.  This costs a lot of money.  In order to keep this program affordable (and, in some cases, free) for schools, we are asking for seed money and donations of technical theatre equipment.

Below is a list of some specific items we’re looking for, but we also need the financial resources to buy additional equipment and provide resources to our staff and students.  All support is acknowledged on The Highwood Theatre’s website and in the lobby of our theatre in downtown Silver Spring.  Monetary or in-kind donations over $1,000 will be recognized in our new Highwood at School Technical Assistance brochure.  

I hope you are as excited about this new program as we are - it is truly one of a kind, and can make a huge difference.

Thank you so much for your support.


Kevin Kearney
Executive Director

Current Specific Needs:

  • DMX cords (50+ feet)

  • Lighting control software

  • Microphone cables (over 25 - 50 feet)

  • Stage lights (especially LED, ellipsoidals, and moving head fixtures)

  • Microphones (especially high-quality wireless microphones and overhead, area mics)
  • New computers or tablets
  • Lighting dimmers

  • Power amplifiers for sound

  • Soundboards

  • Speakers and speaker stands

  • Pipe and drape systems, lighting trusses

  • Workshop/construction equipment (saws, drills, hand tools)

  • Paint, wood, gaffers tape, and other consumables

  • Seed money to help us provide instructional resources to our staff and students, and invest in additional equipment as needs arise

The Highwood at School Technical Assistance Program is generously supported by:​

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