Never done a theatre production at your school?  No problem - Highwood can do it all for you.  From working with you to pick the show, to casting, rehearsing, and creating your own student tech crew, we can bring our unique model of student-produced theatre to your school.

Whether it is an after-school club or a drama class production, Highwood can help make your student performances the best that they can be.  Our professional Theatre Artists adjust to the unique needs of your school to help facilitate both new and pre-existing theatre programs.  Participating in the performing arts provides students the opportunity to not only have fun, but more importantly, expand their comfort zones, take risks, gain confidence, learn to collaborate as a team, discover new skills, and exercise their creative muscles.

  • Experienced theatre artists provide any necessary support to enhance a planned production
  • Can provide Directors, Acting and/or Vocal Coaches, Music Accompanists, Movement Specialists, Technical Masters, Stage Managers and more
  • Supplements the performance staff to enhance the students’ learning experience
  • Assists school faculty by sharing the many responsibilities necessary to produce a show
  • Available during the school day or after school hours

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