Highwood’s private saxophone/clarinet lessons provide our students with a truly holistic musical education that includes both reading sheet music and playing by ear as well as skill development for playing in school bands or another goal you may have. Our students can also explore different genres such as jazz, classical music, musical theatre and virtually any style they are interested in studying. We are prepared to work at any desired speed and skill level that our students desire.

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Most often, private lessons are scheduled once a week for 45 minutes. However, we can also accommodate students wishing to meet more or less frequently or for 30 minutes/one hour.  Lessons can be scheduled during the school day for home schooled students or after school/on weekends and can begin at anytime during the semester.

Sax/Clarinet Lessons

Highwood Private Lessons Cost Comparison

Sax/Clarinet - Lessons and Fees:

Grades 4 and up
$54 per 45 minutes 
$42 for 30 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes

​*There is an additional $25 registration fee per semester.

The Fall Semester runs August 21 - December 21
The Winter/Spring Semester runs January 2 - May 25
The Summer Semester runs June 4 - August 5

You may begin private lessons at any point during a semester.