General Information

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Extended AM/PM

Participate in activities that will keep you entertained all day!

Summer Musical

Grades 3 - 12 | Evenings and Saturdays

Create and Perform a Broadway Musical

Tech Crew Intensive

Grades 4 - 12 | Two-Week Sessions

All Areas of Tech: From Design to Build

Over the past fifteen years, The Highwood Theatre has built a solid reputation for providing engaging, educational, and high-quality student theatre programming. Summer Camp at Highwood is no exception. Our summer programs offer staff who are professionals in their field, curricula that engage and challenge students of all ages, and opportunities for high-quality performance experiences.  

Students at Highwood take great pride in their work - they are a part of the creative process and become responsible or their own decisions and creative choices.  Through this sense of responsibility, students grow tremendously as collaborators and artists, and develop a greater sense of purpose and self-confidence.

Art Squared

Grades K - 6  |  One-Week Sessions

Explore Modern Applications of the Arts


Summer Programs

Artist in Training

Grades 7 - 12  |  One-Week Sessions

Serve as a Counselor and Teaching-in-Training

Acting and Musical Theatre Intensive

Grades 7 - 12  |  Two-Week Sessions

Rehearse, Train, and Perform