The Highwood Theatre Would Like To Extend A Special Thanks To Those Who Have Contributed To The Highwood Theatre Since August, 2013

Friend (to $99)
Anonymous (360)
Elpidio Acol Jr.
The Acuff Family
Nahid Aghdaey
Ashlee Albertson
Jake Auby
Carol and Edward Bartholomew
Catherine Bergmann
Michael Berlove
The Bloch Family
Norma Braveman
Kim Callinan
Lionel Cherry
Margot Celano
Leslie Dick
Rory, Liz, and Pip Doyle
The Echt/Goldberger Family
Julie Eller
Ethio Express Grille
Paul Grimm
Amy Favin and Edward Waldman
Marcy Ference
Kimberly Freeman
Naomi Friedman
Giant Food of Silver Spring
Andrew Goldman
Alireah Greenberg
Karen Greenberg
Anna Greenstone
Thomas Harris
Atiba Hendrickson
Hoan-Vu Tran-Ho
Tom Holzman and Alison Drucker
The Ingram Family
Mary Lyle Jeanes
Catherine Jeffries
Olivia Jones
Kaldis Coffee Bar
The Kammann Family
Clay Kaufman
Katy Kincade
Amy Kincaid
Leeann Kirchner
Gerald Kissel
Kaldi's Coffee
Daniel Klein
Cori Lathan and David Kubalak
David Kusnet and Ruth Wattenberg
Alon Lanir
Hannah Lauber
Sarah Lavoie
Bill Leary
Muriel Lerner in honor of Leora Cherry
Lesaac Cafe
Bob and Jane Levey
Susan Levi
The Levone Family
Lincoln Mayer
The Miller-Brennan Family
Michelle Mittelstadt
Mix Bar and Grille
Michelle Moller
Sarah Monnerat
The Morris Family
Emil Parker
Frederic Paul
Gayle Parraway
Robbin Phelps
Jeffrey Muller and Sarah Preston
Heather Murray
Paccis Neapolitan Pizzeria
Bruce Peat
William Pecoraro
Lucien and Peggy Nedzi
Sharon Nothman
Louise Pulliam
Beth Radsken
Eliza Reock
Leslie Robbins
Helena Robinson
Melissa Robinson
Juan and Sonia Sagranichiny
Alyxandria Schubert
Loree Scott
Morgan Scott
Robert and Sarah Scott
Sherry Selevan
Patrick Shepherd and Michelle Belfie
Barry Silber
AmazonSmile Foundation
Hannah South
The Sparks Family
Danielle Stack
Julia Starr
Ralph Stauffer
Vikram Tayde
Suzanne and Mark Tiemann
Deborah Tolson and Richard Miller
Joseph Tylka
Lily Walther
Ally Watkins
Urban Winery
Nancy White and John Bryan
Leslie Woehr
Mark Wolff and Marilyn Kresky-Wolff
Robert and Josephine Yarup
The Zall/Morris Family
Zed's Cafe

Supporter ($100+)
Anonymous (7)
The Adelfio Family
Elizabeth Allaben and Matthew Chambers
Ellen  Barclay
Richard and Carolyn Block
The Callahan Family
Linda and John Corkery
Linda Cartwright and John Dineen
Arlene Donovan
Helen Dooley and Daniel DeSimone
Wendy Dorman
Valerie and Norm Dubin
The Emerson Family
David Glietz
Pauline Sobel and Larry Gondelman
The Greene Family
Barbara and Scott Harris
Deborah Hendler and Family
Robert and Anne-Marie Hillman
Robert and Phyllis Hoffman
Laura Hollister
Therese and Neil Intrater
Bryan and Jenny Kearney
Jane Estocin and Pete Klaiber
Geoffrey Klineberg and Ursula Werner
Joseph and Bonny Krenz
Susanne and Richard Leach
Amy Duroska and Richard Leidl in honor of the younger generation
Bill and Beth Loizeaux
Alison Lutz
Laura Martin
Liz McLeod
Mosquito Squad
Tara Nicola
Barnes and Noble
Peter Orvetti
Gloria Pinza and Andy Geoghegan
Liz Russomanno
Lisa Schwartz
The Shusterman Family
Sligo Cafe
Sean Yarup and Rebecca Stearns
Barbara, Larry, and Ben Stone
Ginger South
The Wilder/Taff Family

Andrew Zvara

Patron ($250+)
Anonymous (1)
Lee Arbetman
Pascale, Liz, and Cornelius Bronder
Community Crisis Services, Inc.
Darien Cupka
Ewing Hines and Associates Insurance
Lawrence and Jessica Friedman
Patti and Michael Goldman
Deborah and Roscoe Howard
Rosemarie Howe
Intuit Quickbooks
Mike and Pam Kearney
Maura and Jeffrey Leach Family
Bill and Doris Loehning
Susan Mann
Shema Mathew
Colleen Meiman
Holly Middleton
The Moorehead Family
Gena Romanow
John and Rosemary Ryan
Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza
The Stage Lighting Store
Missi Tessier

Wittie Law PLLC

Sustainer ($500+)
Harold Bucholtz
Valerie Cummings
Duane and Paula Gibson
Jim and Sharon Lowe
Rochelle and Eric Mayer
Kenneth and Linda Nicola
Matthew Nicola
Alfred Pate
Frank and Betsy Russomanno
The Starr Family
Kay Stevens
Susan Talarico and Michael Sundermeyer
Thomas and Lauren Van Wazer
Brian Taff and Susan Wilder

Pat and Bob Wittie

Partner ($1,000+)
Anonymous (1)
Jeff and Hilary Barker
The Brown Family
The Community Foundation for The National Capital Region
Joyce Dorris
Aidan Emerson
Frankel PLLC
Doris Kearney in memory of Col. W. M. Kearney
Jayne Letsche
Wittie, Letsche, & Waldo LLP
Richard Stroup

Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge, & Rice

Sponsor ($2,500+)
United Way of the National Capital Region
The Halbreiner Family in memory of Robert N. Alfandre
Kevin Kearney
The Rome Family
Savills Studley
Wenger Corporation
Toly Yarup

Production Sponsor ($5,000+)
The Robert N. Alfandre Foundation
The William and Karen Tell Foundation
Dave Weadon

West Wing Writers

Season Sponsor ($10,000+)
S. Kann Sons Company Foundation
James Kearney and Karla Letsche
Beneva Schulte and Paul Orzulak

The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County

Our Supporters