How it works:

Preliminary consultation: you tell us about your show, your vision, and your needs, as well as give us a tour of the space you plan to use for the performance

Design period: either based on lists you give us, or what we create from the script, we’ll send you a proposal to make sure you’re completely satisfied

Rehearsal visit: during or after the design period, we’ll watch a rehearsal for your show to help us determine your exact needs and what will work best for your show, your students, and your space

Implementation: depending on your needs, we’ll either build/implement the design for your show (from the construction at our workspace to getting it up and running in yours) or we’ll work with your students to build/create the design elementPerformances: depending on the scope of work, we can be onsite for tech rehearsals and/or performances to make sure everything goes smoothly; we can even provide technicians to run tech for shows or train your students to do it

What we offer:


  • Cleaning, general maintenance of lighting or sound equipment
  • Recommendations for upgrades, pricing, purchasing options
  • Flat rate pricing for general maintenance packages

Lighting Design

  • cue-to-cue design
  • making the best use of your current equipment
  • hanging lights, focusing, or programming
  • affordable equipment rentals, including full-system rentals for small stages

Sound Design

  • creating the best sound possible for your show and space, including how to best use microphones

  • sound design with music and/or sound effects

  • equipment rentals, or setting up rented equipment

Set Design/Construction

  • set design for your show, creating a practical, affordable set for your theatre space

  • building and installing set pieces

  • creating a “theatre” in your school, whether in a cafeteria, gym, or classroom

Prop Design/Construction

  • prop design for shows
  • finding/buying materials, and creating props

Your Performance Partners

Generously Supported by:

Over the past five years, Highwood at School has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality, affordable theatre and arts programs to dozens of local public and private schools, customized to fit each individual school’s needs.  From one time workshops, ongoing classes, and production assistance, to our TheatreFIT curriculum, we are your one-stop shop anytime you need an extra set of hands or enrichment programs for your arts programs.  

In 2015, we expanded our offerings to include full service assistance for any of your technical theatre needs.  From lighting and sound design, to set construction, technical implementation, and props, our theatre professionals and students are ready to work within your budget and bring your productions to the next level.

A few reasons to consider Highwood:

  • We have in-house design and implementation experts that work on dozens of professional and student productions each year, as well as our technical theatre students who assist the professional artists.  By working with Highwood, you are supporting local artists, as well as furthering the education or our future professionals

  • We are affordable - it is our mission, as a non-profit organization, to provide affordable services to our partner schools.  We only charge you want we need to complete a job, rates far lower than for-profit design or rental companies

  • We know how to do student shows - for over 15 years, Highwood has been producing high-quality student productions, with a focus on technical theatre.  As one of the first small theatre companies in the area to use environmentally friendly LED lights and digital lighting control, as well as working consistently in black-box theatres, we know how to be inventive and create visually stunning productions.

Questions?  Contact Toly Yarup at

Tech Theatre Support