Custom class topics can include:

  • Physical Improvisation
  • Singing
  • Breathing and Stretching
  • Stage Combat
  • Dance


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Developing an appreciation for physical exercise is important for students, but it isn’t always easy.  Some students don’t feel they are particularly athletic, while others would rather spend their time behind a computer screen.

TheatreFIT is a fun, unique way to get students up, moving and interacting with their peers.  Highwood’s trained improv and movement teachers concentrate on providing a safe environment for students to explore self-expression, teamwork and creativity.  Students have the opportunity to grow artistically while learning to appreciate and enjoy physical fitness.

Our unique and dynamic physical theatre classes emphasize fun, active and healthy creative expression. Our most popular class (Active Theatrics) combines physical improv, stretching, dance, and theatrical movement for a fun, creative, physical mash-up.  Or, you can opt for our most physically intense class, BollyX.  We can also create almost any class to meet your needs. All of our custom classes focus on engaging the students in high-energy activities that will feel more like games than exercises. 

Some Sample Classes

Caribbean Movement
In this fun, interactive movement class, participants will learn the high-energy moves of the Caribbean through Samba, Bachata and Salsa dance. Participants will learn the foundations of Caribbean dance, improvise their own movements in groups and even create a Conga line. All levels and ages are welcome. 

Active Theatrics
This movement class is for the theatre student in training. Students will learn the movement techniques of Growtoski and Butoh which explores breath awareness, focus and impulse and creative freedom. This class will assist theatre students in character building and objective driven scene work. 

Custom Classes

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