Overall research has shown that exposing students to arts programs​ enhance overall environments for learning,​ increasing school participation and attendance ​and ​improving their overall self-confidence​ (​The Kennedy Center​.​org​. Rooney, 2004). It is our mission to make theatre accessible to ALL students, regardless of experience or personal background. There is a role for everyone - whether it’s backstage or onstage - and we strive to make that happen! 

Many other organizations charge exorbitant rates to bring professional teaching artists or technical equipment to local schools, while Highwood consistently offers workshops, equipment rentals, and more at below-market prices because we believe in the power of arts education​. 

Why Highwood at School?

Check out video testimonials from partner schools to learn more about Highwood at School's impact on their school communities!


Over the last several years, we’ve brought our Highwood at School program to over 50 public and private schools in the Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. regions, and we are excited to continue expanding our reach in the upcoming year. Through partnerships with many local schools, the benefits of our programs have become evident, namely opportunity for collaboration, creative expression and building community. At Highwood, we believe that anyone can do theatre, and we are excited about the opportunity to bring unique arts experiences to your school. Students who participate in theatre-related activities not only have fun, but more importantly, gain confidence, learn to take risks, develop interpersonal and other important life skills, learn to engage in team-building, exercise their creative muscles, and discover new skills they didn’t know they had.

We welcome everyone as equals​. By allowing all students to collaborate, learn from each other, and work together in a supportive, welcoming environment, Highwood enables students to discover new avenues for expression and emotion, and often develop a lifelong passion for creativity and the arts.

We find a role for each student. This allows students to feel valued and take on responsibility, and inspires them to step outside of their comfort zones to successfully fulfill their responsibility. As students work with their peers on a joint and collaborative endeavor - whether a classroom improvisation challenge, a lighting design project, or a musical theatre performance, they let their creative juices flow and take ownership of the final product.

We let each student explore. We believe that any idea, big or small, deserves to be heard and adds to the complexity and meaning of the final jointly created product. At Highwood, our goal is to help students make those ideas come to life.