Why should you join Highwood?

  • Professional Theatre: In addition to our Students' Theatre, The Highwood Theatre runs a professional theatre branch (for professional adult actors).  During rehearsals and performance, students are often involved in our professional theatre productions.  This is a lot of fun and also a great opportunity to work with talented professionals who are making a living in theatre!  
  • Ensembles and Classes: Each year we offer a great set of new, inventive programming developed by our team of area arts professionals.  In addition to producing high-quality shows, we want to ensure that each student receives the highest quality, immersive theatre education program.
  • Become a Creator: Each child, no matter his or her interest, will be exposed to many different aspects of theatre from acting and movement to tech and design giving them a solid foundation to best serve the production in their chosen role.  Above all, each student will play a major role in creating our productions and programs, developing as a confident, collaborative creator.
  • All are Welcome: We are so confident that each child will be motivated and inspired to do their best and create truly astounding work that we welcome all students, without auditions, regardless of their level of experience or particular interests.
  • Leadership Opportunities: At The Highwood Theatre, not only will students be working with talented area arts professionals, but they will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills by serving on the production staff, as a director, stage manager, producer, or in many other roles both in our Students' Theatre and Professional Theatre.
  • Supportive Atmosphere: We pride ourselves in creating the most supportive, welcoming, stress-free atmosphere possible away from peer pressure and judgment.  We’re all here to create great art, and that will happen no matter what.
  • Experienced Staff: At The Highwood Theatre, all of our staff believe strongly in the collaborative nature of theatre and the arts.  We have assembled a truly impressive staff to work with our students, as well as several interns and other teaching artists who stop by from time to time, who each bring unique ideas and years of experience.
  • Intimate Performing Venue: In the spring of 2014, Highwood constructed an intimate performing space in our downtown Silver Spring home.  Highwood has always worked in small performing venues, as we believe this allows for the greatest level of creativity and interaction between the actors and audience.  It is a truly unique experience to perform in an intimate space, and provides an incredible opportunity for audience members to immerse themselves in the production.
  • Always Growing: At Highwood, we are always looking for new experiences for our students.  We welcome ALL of your ideas; we frequently add performances and special opportunities throughout the year in addition to our Mainstage season of productions.  

Why Highwood