All workshops are available on a one-time basis, a four-workshop series, either-workshop series, or on a continuing basis.

Each class focuses on one specific fundamental improv concept through the use of physical improvisational exercises.

  • Improv concepts explored in a single unit could include agreement, listening, or collaboration
  • Concepts build on one another to provide full understanding of basic improv
  • Class exercises are adaptable to various class sizes, age groups, and experience levels
  • Class generally culminates in an improv performance which can vary in length and format to suit your needs

A professional movement specialist provides theatre movement workshops that help to promote self-expression and a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Movement styles include Suzuki, Viewpoints, Stage Combat, various Dance styles and more
  • Students learn how physical training is an important tool in theatre performance
  • Creates a positive attitude toward physical exercise and fitness
  • Classes can be modified to fit your school's individual needs

A professional dancer and choreographer leads an Introduction to Dance class (with a focus on Jazz) which will develop interest and skills in the students.

  • General understanding and knowledge of dance/movement
  • Covers basic dance steps and moves across a variety of styles
  • Provides dance vocabulary while acquiring the skills necessary to perform
  • Opportunity for participants to engage in movement session
  • Discover the fun and benefits of learning dance and how this applies to theatre

A master in a specific field of theatre provides classes or workshops that give instruction and hands on experience.

  • Enjoy a more in-depth look at certain theatrical elements taught by a highly-trained expert
  • Offers a wide range of topics including Playwriting, Acting, Musical Theatre, Auditioning, Technical Theatre, Directing, and More
  • Provides the opportunity to increase knowledge of all aspects of theatre by doing, not just seeing

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Work and grow together as a team as your teachers and staff take part in improvisational exercises and create improvised stories. The workshop helps to strengthen your group's sense of ensemble and support all while having lots of fun.

  • Facilitates team building exercises to increase colleague cooperation and mutual respect
  • Allows staff to loosen up and have fun in a safe, positive setting
  • Build applicable life skills such as confidence, public speaking, and working well in a group
  • Classes can be modified to fit the size, experience and needs of your staff
  • Available for one-time or on a continuing basis

Learn how improv exercises and games can be used within a classroom in order to support your curriculum, enhance subject relatability and excite your students about learning.

  • Explains how improv exercises and games can be used within a curriculum
  • Provides a fun supplement to reinforce academic lessons across disciplines
  • Uses improv to teach valuable life lessons such as listening, respect, teamwork, imagination, and confidence
  • One-Time Workshop

Everyone can develop new skills through Highwood’s workshops, students and teachers alike.  Our collaborative workshops, led by professional theatre artists, provide an opportunity to learn to respect everyone’s individual contributions and use them as part of a larger whole. Your group will grow together as an ensemble, develop an appreciation for collaborating with peers, be willing to take risks, and explore their creativity. Workshops may be a one-time event or an ongoing series of classes.

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