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"Last night in a small, tucked-away space in Silver Spring, I watched a “real time” drama so exciting and original, so drop-dead funny and knock-out suspenseful, that I left the theater dazed and euphoric." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Sometimes it’s easy to forget that exceptional theatre doesn’t have to have to be a spectacle of lights, effects and sound.  Sometimes exceptional theatre can happen on a tiny stage in a black box style theatre in an unassuming storefront. Such is the case with The Highwood Theatre.” - TheatreBloom

“When entering the theatre, don’t let the size of the room fool you – these actors and actresses on the stage fill the room with their vibrant, powerful performance.” - Maryland Theatre Guide

“A truly innovative and creative theater experience -- audience, actors and playwrights became one dynamic performance.” - Your Theatre Audience Member

“A unique experience that challenged all the usual assumptions about going to the theatre.  I loved it!  Innovative, professionally done, and loads of fun, clearly enjoyed by audience members ranging from grade school aged to a 91 year-old grandmother.” - Your Theatre Audience Member

“A totally different experience—edgy, engaging, and fun—and a testament to the Highwood Theatre's extraordinary range and ability to both entertain and educate an expanding audience of all ages.  If you're looking for new and unexpected theater, your bucket list should include the Highwood!” - Your Theatre Audience Member

“I thought it was a phenomenal performance, and I had a blast. Thanks for the experience.” - Your Theatre Audience Member

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“The actors did so well, exceptionally well as far as their characters or roles they played. Congrats to all actors and keep up the great work! Thanks for the opportunity to watch this awesome production.” - Your Theatre Audience Member

“Wonderful performance! I could feel so much tension and pressure and anxiety - even though I knew it was just a play, the ability to make me feel so many emotions showcases just how powerful this show is! Great job, everyone!"

- Your Theatre Audience Member

“I've never seen a show with that kind of audience participation. Probably the best show I've seen - glad it was my first in DC. Laughs, tears, fears, it was #everything."

- Your Theatre Audience Member