Open Source Theatre Project

We hope to challenge the traditional definitions of theatre and explore collaborative and immersive theatre.


We hope to help the environment and reduce our waste by using internet-based programs for our productions.

The goal of Your Theatre at Highwood is to welcome YOU into the creative process of theatre.  We want to make sure the entire community has the opportunity to create and/or experience theatre in the best possible way.  

Your Theatre is a developmental program that, over time, hopes to create a hub for experimental, community-produced theatre in addition to bringing theatre to as many people as possible.  We begin by hearing from you. What do you want? What ideas do you have? Where do you see theatre going in the coming years?  Let us know!

Professional Productions

We hope to provide thought-provoking theatre experiences produced by working professionals.


Your Theatre

Adult Private Lessons

We hope to give adults an affordable option to develop their skills, pursue a hobby, or get involved in arts for the first time.

Improv Comedy

We hope to provide a space for established or developing artists to share ideas and perform together, all while entertaining audiences.       


We hope to bring theatre to a wide range of communities with our out-of-the box program combining theatre and fitness.